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Personal Package Policies

Save money and time by bundling your personal insurance policies together into one package. Call today for a free quote!

Everyone is looking for ways to simplify their insurance needs. At HBL Insurance Agency, we can help you make insurance easier, cut costs, and get better coverage by providing you with a personal package policy.

What Is a Personal Package Policy?

Personal insurance, such as home, auto, and umbrella coverage, can be purchased in one of two ways:

  1. You can buy independent lines of coverage for each type of insurance you need — all from different carriers.
  2. You can bundle your personal insurance needs into one tidy package. This is called a personal package policy.

Personal package policies are catered to fit your lifestyle needs. Most packages include home and auto insurance, and other types of coverage can be added as-needed.

These additional coverages might include:

  • Personal Umbrella Insurance: Your personal package policy’s home and auto coverage will protect you after small- to medium-sized covered events, but umbrella coverage serves as a failsafe when underlying liability limits simply won’t cover everything.
  • Boat/Yacht Insurance: Being surrounded by water means than many Michigan residents own and regularly use boats and other watercraft. Adequate coverage for these vessels is just as important as auto coverage is for your car or truck.
  • Valuables Insurance: While your homeowners insurance policy may cover some of the valuable possessions in your home, in most cases, there will be limitations. If you own collectibles, jewelry, fine clothing, or other valuable items, it’s important to obtain additional coverage by way of valuables insurance.

A range of other types of coverage can be bundled into your personal package policy as well, including:

  • Cyber Insurance
  • Identity Fraud Protection
  • Flood Insurance
  • Earthquake Insurance
  • Recreational Vehicle Insurance
  • Renters / Landlord Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance

Our HBL agents will help you find and bundle the right coverage for you!

Why Choose a Personal Package Policy?

Personal package policies provide many benefits, including combined and lowered deductibles, premium discounts, and overall better coverage.

These bundled and personalized plans also make management of your insurance easier. You’ll be working with just one carrier, have only one set of paperwork, and can make one easy payment each month.

Finally, gaps in coverage are essentially non-existent as you’ll generally have the same protection dates for all of your lines of coverage.

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