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Category: Umbrella insurance

  • Insurance FAQ

    Insurance FAQs provided by HBL Insurance Agency Q: What kinds of questions should I be expected to answer when I’m applying for an insurance policy in Michigan Why do insurers need so much information?  A: When you apply for an insurance policy at HBL Insurance Agency you will be asked a number of questions. For example, […]

    June 8, 2023

  • Life, Health, and Umbrella Insurance

    Insurance protection for your family – and the future Protect your family and your future with the right personal, health and life insurance Planning to keep your family secure – today tomorrow, and down the road? The right personal, life, and health coverage is essential. HBL Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency – meaning […]

    October 29, 2020

  • Love Bites—Get Umbrella Coverage

    In today’s economy, everyone is pinching pennies. So why worry about umbrella coverage? Shouldn’t a home and auto policy leave you adequately covered? Unfortunately, we live in a world of lawsuits. Large damages can be awarded, be extremely expensive and have long-term financial impact. Those lawsuits can come from unlikely sources, such as our furry […]

    February 7, 2019