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February 14, 2020

An Artic Blast is Heading our Way.

Addressing Cold Weather Plumbing Problems While we hope you never have to use them, here are some tips on addressing the plumbing problems you may experience:

1) Turn Off Water Supply – When you discover a frozen pipe in your home, turn off your home’s water supply using the shut off main, typically located by your water meter. If a pipe has cracked or burst you do not want water to leak once the ice within the pipe melts.

2) Turn Faucets On – Frozen ice within your pipes is almost never responsible for cracked or burst pipes. Most pipes crack open due to an overwhelming growth of pressure within the pipes. Water within a pipe expands as it freezes causing pressure within that given pipe to increase, potentially causing your pipe to leak. To prevent this pressure from building up within your pipes, leave your faucets on as the ice melts.

3) Thaw Frozen Pipes – Finally, you can help thaw out the frozen pipes within your home through the following methods:

*             Blow Dryer

*             Heat Gun

*             Portable Work Lights

*             DO NOT use a torch or open flame

4) Fix the Leaky Pipe -If your pipe is leaking after your have thawed it out, your should replace or repair the faulty pipe by doing it yourself or calling your local plumber.

5) Mitigate Water Damage Immediately.  Give HBL Insurance Agency a call at 248-539-3003 for assistance.